Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: My experience at the Weave Cafe & Virgin Indian Hair Show and Tell

Hello Dolls!!! This post is going to be about my experience at ♪ the Weave Cafe♫...♫ the Weave Cafe♪ lol....lo siento pero everytime I think about this salon I always start singing the commercial that they advertise on the radio lol. First I am going to explain the service that I received, price, my experience, and finally I'll show you the hair that I purchased.

Service I received

I got a full sew in with a horseshoe shaped leave out at the top of my head. I also had the stylist leave out my perimeter. It came out really natural looking with my leave out because it gives me the ability to wear my hair down with a natural part, as well as in a high ponytail. I also purchased virgin indian hair from the Weave Cafe in an 18" & 20'".


The price that I paid for the sew in alone was $50 USD. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for the hair, but it was a reasonable amount for virgin hair compared to some websites that I have been looking at.

My experience

My experience at the Weave Cafe was good. The receptionist was really helpful and answered mostly all of my questions. I walked in without an appointment, so I had to wait until my name was called from the list to get my hair done. Pretty standard with any salon if you don't have an appointment. There were plenty of stylist there so the wait was not very long, which surprised me because sew ins take time.

I went to the first stylist to get my hair sewn in, I did not need to get my hair washed because I washed and conditioned my hair before I got there. The first stylist sewed my hair in pretty quickly. What I really liked is that she greased my scalp because other salons that I've gone to in the past did not grease my scalp, and I would have to do it myself which caused some issues because I didn't want to get grease on the actual hair.

After the first stylist sewed the hair in, I went to another stylist to actually get my hair styled. This is the part that was different for me because I'm used to one person doing my hair the entire time at a salon. However, the second stylist was really nice and did a great job straightening my hair. (I wanted my hair styled bone straight) Her name was Tiffany and she was knowledgeable about the company product as well as her craft. She is the one who really made my experience a good one because of her personality, she makes you feel comfortable which is important when multiple stylist are working on your hair. You don't want to feel like your in an assembly line, where the focus is on quantity and not quality.

The salon played music to add to the overall experience, but the owner does not allow music with a lot of foul language to be played. In my opinion this is a good thing because there were younger clients there getting their hair done as well. This really impressed me, because it made me think of them as a professional salon and not an "anything goes" type of salon. All of the stylist wore an all black uniform which also added to the professionalism of the salon because in the past I have gone to salons where you did not know who was a stylist and who was a client.

Show and Tell

Below are pics of the hair in different styles
What the hair looked like when I first received it

This is what the hair looks like wet



I have only had the hair in for at least two weeks so I don't feel that I can give the best review on this hair so soon. However so far the hair is really soft, straightens really well, and holds a curl. The hair will go back to its wavy texture once you wet it, even after straightening it. I have experienced some shedding, but all hair sheds. This hair does not shed a lot, when I brush or comb my hair I normally only get 1 or 2 strands in the brush or comb. I will give a more detailed review of this hair once I have had it in for a longer period of time.

All in all I would recommend going to the Weave Cafe for sew ins because mine came out really nice! Plus you can get a full sew in for $50 USD...you can't beat that with a stick! lol Whenever I used to go to other salons they charged at least $140 for a partial sew in. So I will definitely be going back in the near future :)

Until next post!
~ XOXO Li Li

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  1. Had fun while getting my hair done thanks to Calvin I was in &out in 45minutes thanks cal c u soon :)

    1. Is he a new stylist? because I didn't see a guy working there when I went...but then again I haven't gone in a while lol. I might have to request him when I go again. How did you get your hair styled?

      Thanks for your comment :)

  2. My experience at the weave cafe was ok. But I do have a negative review. I purchased the "100% remi" hair and within a day it tangled so badly I could not put my fingers through it. The hair was frizzy and I had to soak it with products just to look decent. And also the stylist didn't even try to blend my hair. Only get them to put it in. Nothing more.
    The only reason why I went was because of this review and sad to say I'm very disappointed. I guess I can not trust everyone's opinion.

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment,

      I'm sorry to hear that you did not have a great experience with the hair, but when I posted this review, it was to review my "experience at the salon" not the "hair." I specifically mentioned that I had only had the hair in for at least two weeks so I didn't feel that I could give the best review on the hair so soon. Several months after wearing the hair I posted a review of what I felt about it because I felt that was enough time to observe it's behavior.

      In addition, you mentioned that you purchased the Remi hair, which I have no experience with because I did not purchase the Remi hair. I purchased the Virgin hair. I do not understand why you feel that you can not trust my opinion seeing as we purchased two different types of hair. Also I specifically asked the stylist to style my hair so that my hair would blend. I definitely would not have left the salon that I spent so much money in without my hair looking decent. I gave an honest review of my experience at the salon, and will continue to give my honest opinion about different products or hair that I try.

  3. I was so scared to try to place because it sounded to good to be true. I made an appt for Tuesday at 12pm I sat there until 2pm until they serviced me. I walked out about 4:30pm so total time on my hair was not too bad. The lady who braided my hair mentioned to me that she was balded on the sides of her head and I think she wanted me to be as well because of how tight she braided. After I asked her SEVERAL times to not braid so tight another lady who worked there finally chimed in said "if you want it to last and look good you better sit and take it" then they laughed. See, the thing is I want it to look good but I also want to keep my real hair. If my weave doesn't last long then that its my problem because I requested you to braid loose but if I'm bald cause you braided my hair to damn tight that is OUR problem because I wont go away. It is six days later my hair is STILL super tight and I plan to take it down TODAY because I cant risk being bald. I have sat in a sauna (for hours) and oiled the hell out of my scalp to loosen the braids with no luck at all. So, my $50 weave was a waste of money. Also, I have a lot of super thick hair which the lady clearly did not know how to braid because there is a huge LUMP of my braided hair on one side at the bottom that she "tried" to conceal. Otherwise, my weave/ hair looks good. It was styled well. I brought my own hair which I loved. She did a good job at blending my hair. So, weave cafe you have a good idea and thing going but, I recommend on time appointments and give the customer wants she wants. There is too many black women walking around with BALD sides do NOT add to that. Practice healthy weaves!!!

    1. That's crazy!!! I don't know what's going on over there but they need to fix it because you aren't the first person who's told me that they had a bad experience there. I haven't gone back since earlier this year because I'm giving my hair a break from sewins, but it sounds like the salon is not doing as well as they had initially. I don't know if the owner isn't there as much as she was in the beginning to ensure quality control, but something has to give. I totally agree with you that if you ask for your braids to be a little looser then the stylist should have obliged...especially because of the fact that she had no sides smh. They have to realize that there is no standard clientele...i.e. everyone is different and has different expectations of what they want their hair to look like, as well as their pain tolerance.

      Thanks for your comment doll! :)

  4. Li li bee
    What products did you use on the virgin hair for everyday use?
    Would you recommend the virgin hair now that you had it long enough ?
    What do you do to it at night. Meaning wrap it or braid it?

    1. Hi!

      I don't really put any products in my virgin hair besides my heat protectant (Beyond the Zone Turn up the Heat) when curling/flat ironing my hair.

      Would I recommend the hair:
      The hair I purchased is holding up, but I have experienced shedding and lots of tangling when I wash the hair which I've mentioned in my update post for this hair. One of my family members has purchased the hair recently, and I washed and styled it for her and did not run into any problems with her hair. However, I've had some women comment on here saying that they did not receive quality hair and that it matted up by the end of the week. So since the quality seems to be hit or miss, I don't think I would recommend this hair anymore.

      Night routine:
      Depending on the hairstyle I would wrap it accordingly. If I had drop curls, I would pin curl it and put a bonnet on. If I had my hair straight, I would just wrap it. If I wore it in its naturally wavy state, I would gather the hair to the top of my head, clip it with a duck clip and put a bonnet on.

      I hope I answered all of your questions! ^.^

  5. Now I'm contemplating on making another appointment or not...
    I went to the weave cafe in like March of 2012 and I had a great experience. The owner washed my hair,gave me a treatment and did my braids. She was really nice and polite.Honestly, my hair looked SOOOO cute and only cost like $65. I brought my own hair and had it sew-in, then styled into a high bun. Tiffany did my styling also and she made sure my hair had no fly-always and was nice and neat. I had to tell her it was OK to stop, because she was like a perfectionist. My sew-in was a lil tight, but I had natural hair so my hair can stand tight braids without breakage.Not only that I told the girl when it was too tight and she went in and loosened it up for me. There wasn't any guys working there when I went either.
    Since it has been months since I went, I wanted to check reviews to make sure business was still great, but I guess not.
    Maybe I will go somewhere else. Any suggestions Li Li?

    1. Hello doll!!

      Honestly I feel the same. I had a good experience when I went a couple of months ago, but everyone is commenting that they have not had such a great experience.

      Unfortunately I do not have any suggestions for places to go to get your hair done because I have yet to find a salon that has everything that I'm looking for in a hair salon. I've been doing my own sew ins and styling my hair myself lately. But if I do go to a new salon and love it then I'll do a post on it. That probably will not be for a while since I normally do my own hair. Sorry I couldn't offer any suggestions doll

      Li Li

  6. Hi !
    Ok, I would be a younger client going to the weave cafe in a couple days with my sister. I have all natural hair, no chemicals, perms, no nothing, I've never even had my hair pressed to have it straight. I'm just nervous about how the walk in appt will go because this is my very first time getting a weave EVER ! But from your experience they sounded really great but basically I just wanted to know:
    - Could you maybe give me a hint on how it should go since I have natural hair, like will it take longer and matters like that?
    - Also I looked on the website and it said that for convenience they would like the hair washed and blow dried prior to arrival, but is that a must? Because I'm very used to the stylist washing my hair as preparartion for cleanly purposes. And if they do, how much could it cost?
    - And I would like to know how would the braiding go because I am very tender headed and my hair can't handle a lot of pulling and tugging?

    1. Hi doll!!!

      The best advise that I can give you is to give them a call. They should be able to answer all of your questions on price, hair preparation, and braiding. Here is the number: 410-486-4247

      I can say that when one of the stylist braided my hair it was tight, but not unbearable. This was my experience with one of the stylist, so I can not speak on whether the other stylist braid too tight or loose. Prior to the stylist doing your hair, just let them know that you are very tender headed and that your hair can't handle a lot of pulling and tugging.

      I hope this helps ^.^

      Li Li

    2. Thank you for your advice and I think the day went really well but my head hurts really badly. I just got it done yesterday but I didn't expect it to hurt this much and they braided it tight but it seems like getting it sewn in was even tighter. Do you have any advice for that, like am I suppose to wait until it loosens up or should I call them and them that it hurts really badly because it's not a headache, it's just my head hurts from the tightness.

    3. No problem, I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience. If the pain is too unbearable then I suggest you give them a call. But if it is more so tolerable, I normally wait a day or so then carefully apply a little bit of grease to the parts of my head that is irritated the most, which is normally around my edges.

      If you do decide to do this then you have to be extremely careful not to get any of the grease on the extensions because the grease will weigh the extensions down too much.

      Li Li ^.^

  7. The Weave Cafe Team appreciates your reviews and comments.THANK YOU very much.We are continuing to do our very best to satisfy an accomodate all customers in everyway we can.Once again thank you very much. Sincerely Management.You are also invited to our Holloween party please contact John or Sheena for time and date.

  8. I Love It How Many Packs Did You Use ?

    1. Thank you! I used two bundles but unfortunately I do not recommend this hair. Too many woman are saying the quality of the hair is subpar, and it is too expensive to only be subpar hair.

      -XOXO Li Li

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