Sunday, June 11, 2023

Beat the Heat with Lume

I have been transitioning some of my skincare products to those that contain more natural, less harmful ingredients. I still use regular products because, to be honest, the all-natural ones don’t always work for me 🥴. 

I have been able to find a brand that has products to help with controlling body odors by attacking bacteria on the skin. I'm sharing my experience with this brand since I have used their products for 3 years (and counting). The brand is called Lume, and I'm sure you have seen one of their ads. 

Lume has extended its product range since I was introduced to the brand. Lume offers body wash, bar soap, cream deodorant, solid deodorant, deodorant wipes, and body cream. You can purchase their products on their website, Amazon, and most recently in Target stores.

Initially, I was put off by the smell of their products, but they’ve since changed some of their ingredients to improve the scent. My favorite products are their body wash and deodorant wipes. These two are essential in my daily routine, especially during the warmer months. The deodorant wipes are chef’s kiss post-workout. I've tried 4 scents, but my two favorites are Unscented and Peony Rose. I like Unscented when I don't want the body wash to interfere with my perfume fragrance.

These products have a higher price tag but it works so well for me that I don't mind the cost. I've tried all of the products except the body cream. I will be trying that soon and will update this post once I do! Lume's website claims that the body cream is "clinically proven to smooth the appearance of rough, bumpy skin and triple skin's hydration."

Lume makes mention that it is "gynecologist developed for pits, privates & beyond." I don't think I'd recommend anyone use this on their privates but apparently, you can lol.

If you’re looking for products to help beat the heat, I recommend trying Lume. If you have super sensitive skin, read the ingredients and do a skin test on a small area of your skin before going all in. You could also ask your dermatologist if these products are ok for you to use. My best friend tried the deodorant and had a reaction.

Have you tried Lume? What are your favorite products/ scents? Let me know in the comments!

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