Sunday, May 7, 2023

LuvMe Bang Bob Review

LuvMe Hair is a company that has grown in popularity over the last few years. I ordered my share of hair extensions, wigs, and ponytails from them, and I received a purple box with my item and a few other goodies inside. The wig I will be reviewing is their 10" Bang Bob wig.

Wig Construction

This unit features combs around the perimeter, and a strap that sits along the back of your head for added support. A small lace patch at the top gives the illusion of a scalp.

Hair Texture

What I love most about this unit is the texture of the hair. It is a Yaki texture which gives it a natural look and feel. It is similar to my natural hair when it is pressed. It reminds me of how Remi beauty supply store hair was back in the day.


This wig is big-head friendly. I typically order wigs that have a 22”-23” circumference. This wig fits my head perfectly without giving me a headache, even with the strap inside.


It was super easy to apply this wig. I braided my hair flat and put the wig on my head. I chose not to use a wig cap because it was not needed. The only thing I did once I received the wig was flat iron it and apply powder foundation to the part to disguise the knots in the lace. This was the simplest wig to apply because I did not have to worry about my edges, or adhering it to my head.


LuvMe Hair is known for offering hair at a discount, so this wig is no exception. I ordered it from Amazon and was impressed that it arrived in the same packaging as it would if ordering from their website. On Amazon, this wig costs $89.90, but on their website, it is a bit cheaper with a coupon code. At the time of purchase, the 12” wig on their website was the same price as the 10” on Amazon. The only downside is you can not use the discount codes on Amazon that you can use on their website. I chose to order from Amazon due to the timing of delivery.


  1. I prefer more wispy bangs and this wig has a fuller bang.
  2. I also noticed a blue thread sewn into the wig after I already wore it out.
  3. The knots are visible on the lace. It would be nice if they offered a bleached knot option for this wig. You can either bleach it yourself or add makeup to the part for a quick fix.
  4. When flat ironing the hair, there were burn marks on my flat iron. I do not know if this means the hair is mixed with synthetic fibers, but I wanted to note it.

Finale thoughts

For the price point, this is a great wig. It served its purpose for me, which was to have a bob for my photoshoot. I originally was going to the hair salon for the same style, but it was forecasted to rain on the day of my photoshoot, and I did not want to risk my natural hair puffing up from the moisture. I am happy I ordered it because it looks amazing, is simple to apply without the hassle of glue, and is inexpensive. I also love that I could purchase it from Amazon because I received it in 2 days.

Have you purchased from LuvMe Hair before? What was your experience? Would you try this wig? Meet me in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

Warm Regards ❤


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