Sunday, April 30, 2023

Restaurant review: Shôtô DC


My husband and I went for a kid-free date night and decided to stay in Tysons Corner. We booked reservations for Shôtô DC, a popular contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant I had heard so much about. Our reservation was set for Saturday evening. 

We arrived and couldn’t find parking until someone told us there was a parking garage down the alley next to the restaurant. Once inside, there was a wait despite having reservations. A DJ and a dancing crowd surrounded the bar, which was a surprise. My husband and I discussed going to this restaurant a few weeks before with our son, which would not be a great place for a toddler on a Saturday night lol. The entryway filled up fast with other patrons and we stood shoulder to shoulder. I was freaking out on the inside because this was our first time being around a group of people after the pandemic. 

We were seated at a table between 2 large parties. I was not a fan of where we sat because we are very tall and couldn’t stretch our legs comfortably. We also had to keep shifting when someone from either party got up. Despite this, our food and drinks were 10/10, and the decor was stunning. I ordered shrimp tempura and scallops. My husband ordered lamb chops and dumplings. The food was so delicious we ordered 2 of everything! For dessert, we ate churros with ice cream (highly recommend). The staff was very professional and welcoming. They even offered to move our seats to another table. 

I recommend going here if you are looking for a restaurant with great food, ambiance, and service. This would be a perfect place to celebrate a birthday or anniversary! If you plan on going with a toddler, an evening reservation during the weekend may not be the best. Next time I want to visit during the day, possibly during the week when it’s less crowded. 

Have you gone to Shôtô DC? Let me know your experience below.

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